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It's simple, mealtimes = nutrition + learning + fun

Annabel's recipes provide nutrition while the fun and learning come from the interaction between parents and children witnessing and discovering a child's tastes and preferences together. Annabel's philosophy is that food is the one element you can control which can determine your child's future health and this begins with weaning.

"A lot of research and thought has been put into designing this range to make it innovative, practical and appealing and help babies progress from first tastes to feeding themselves. Whilst there are four nutritional stages within weaning, there are only two feeding stages regarding equipment this makes it easier for mums and saves on the cost. From 6 to 9 months portion sizes will fit the same bowl, however the consistency and nutritional value of the food will change. Then from 9 to 18 months the child requires a deeper more contoured bowl to make it easier for babies and toddlers to feed themselves. Finger foods also become important and we have designed a compartmentalised tray which fits on top of the bowl which is perfect for serving a variety of finger foods." 

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Annabel Karmel 2 Small Bowls and Spoon Pack
Annabel Karmel Cutlery Case
Annabel Karmel Feeding Bib Set of Two
Annabel Karmel Feeding Spoons - 3 Pack
Annabel Karmel Large Bowl and Spoon
Annabel Karmel Non-Spill Cup - Replacement Lid
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