Aerosleep Cot Mattress Protector

SKU: AP-130-076-B
Developed in Ninove Belgium, Aerosleep Cot protectors with air permeable 3D honeycomb structure enables an optimal regulation of the body temperature. Underneath it are two protective layers.

Underneath this layer of air, there is an absorption and protection layer that ensures that the mattress is fully protected.

The impenetrable protective film underneath stops the baby from coming into contact with dust, pollen and house mite from the mattress. It also keeps the mattress free of bacteria.

  • A mattress protector that consists of our 3D honeycomb structure, through which air circulates freely.
  • The absorption layer absorbs moisture and vomit and keeps your baby's skin dry.
  • AeroSleep Baby Protect can be fitted on any type of mattress and is very easy to secure.
  • It is easy to carry when travelling and when the baby is sleeping away from home.
  • Machine washable on delicate
  • Size 76cm x 130cm
  • To maximise air permeability across the entire sleeping surface, we recommend combining AeroSleep Baby Protect with AeroSleep's fitted sheet.

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